When using the Hosted Tokenization IFrame (Flex Checkout), these errors occur:

  • Alias [object Object] not Found
  • Your payment data could not be saved

In the ops.log, you might see:

  • did not save alias due to empty alias

The required parameter "Alias_AliasId" is not sent by Ingenico.


The required parameters are not transmitted from Ingenico to the shop, most likely because they are not enabled in the Ingenico backoffice.

Solution #1

In the Ingenico backoffice, go to "Configuration -> Technical Information -> Transaction feedback". There is a separate section "Alias gateway and Tokenization". Activate all dynamic parameters in that box.

Enable all dynamic parameters for "Alias

Gateway and Tokenization" in the marked section

Solution #2

In the Magento admin panel, check if the mode-selector (for selecting Test or Production) is set to "Custom". If yes, please check that the Alias Gateway URL is correct.