When using the Hosted Tokenization IFrame (Flex Checkout), these errors occur:

  • Alias [object Object] not Found
  • Your payment data could not be saved

In the ops.log, you might see:

  • did not save alias due to empty alias


The required parameters (e.g. "Alias.AliasId") are not transmitted from Ingenico to the shop, most likely because they are not enabled in the Ingenico backoffice.

Solution #1

In the Ingenico backoffice, go to "Configuration -> Technical Information -> Transaction feedback" and see the separate section "Alias gateway and Tokenization". Activate all dynamic parameters in that box.

Enable all dynamic parameters for "Alias

Gateway and Tokenization" in the marked section

Solution #2

In the Magento admin panel, check if the mode-selector (for selecting Test or Production) is set to "Custom". If yes, please check that the Alias Gateway URL is correct.