When using the Hosted Tokenization for credit cards, the form is not loaded. Instead, this text is shown:

"An error occurred during processing. Please retry the operation. If the problem persists, send a support ticket to the helpdesk."

Possible causes

  • Maybe the module was updated from an older version (which didn't have the Hosted Tokenization feature), and the environment-switch in Magento was set to "Custom". Because of this, the Gateway URL is not correct anymore, and the request to Ingenico fails.
  • Another possible cause is an incorrect configuration in the Ingenico backoffice.


  • The environment-switch in Magento must be set to "test" or "prod" so that the correct Gateway URL is used (which is stored in the module).
  • Also make sure to check the configuration in the Ingenico backoffice as explained in this FAQ article.