• When a buyer selected "Save my payment details" in the checkout, the Alias is shown in Magento, but stays in "pending". It doesn't go to "active".
  • In the Ingenico backoffice, no Alias is saved.

The Alias field in the database only allows 32 characters. However, the value from Ingenico can be longer than that. This results in an error when the Order Request tries to find the Alias. As a result, the parameter ALIASPERSISTEDAFTERUSE = N will be sent to Ingenico, which will erase the Alias at Ingenico.

Please change the Alias column in the table ops_alias from type varchar(32) to varchar(255). The appropriate SQL query is
ALTER TABLE ops_alias MODIFY alias VARCHAR(255);

This problem affects modules up to version 16.12.14. It will be fixed in newer versions.