In the checkout, no Ingenico payment methods are visible.

This error message appears in the payment step. The message may disappear after a few seconds:

Could not fetch payment options from Ingenico Connect API. Please select another payment method.


This is a generic error message which can be caused by various things.

The first step is to open the Dev Tools during checkout. Select the tab "Network" and enable "Preserve log".

Then go through the checkout process until the error occurs, and check which of the below solutions applies.

Solution #1

If the response to the URL call for "products" to the Ingenico platform is an empty JSON array:

    "paymentProducts" : [ ]

then the Ingenico platform did not return any payment methods for the given combination of currency, amount, and buyer country.

Check if there are payment methods with the current combination of currency, amount, and buyer country enabled at Ingenico. The GET parameters in the call for "products" show which information was sent.

Solution #2

If the response for "?sections=connect_session..." to the shop URL contains this error:

{"connect_session":{"error":"cURL error 6 (Couldn't resolve host name) ... }}

then the API Endpoint URLs in Magento are not configured correctly. A similar error message ("Couldn't resolve host name") should also show up in the Ingenico log file.

Check in "Configuration -> Sales -> Ingenico ePayments -> Account Settings" if the API Endpoints are entered correctly.

A test is performed automatically when saving the configuration. A positive test result would be:

Connection to the Ingenico Connect platform could successfully be established.

Solution #3

If the response for "?sections=connect_session..." to the shop URL contains this error:

{"connect_session":{"error":"The server returned an error." ... }}

then check the Ingenico log file in Magento's log directory for more details, e.g.:

MISSING_OR_INVALID_AUTHORIZATION -> The API Key ID or API Secret are not correct.

ACCESS_TO_MERCHANT_NOT_ALLOWED -> The Merchant ID (MID) is not correctly configured.

Solution #4

If the connection to the Ingenico platform cannot be established at all, check if your server's IP address has been whitelisted. If in doubt, contact the Ingenico support team.