The validation for the checkout fields has been built into the module based on the restrictions of the Ingenico platform. It can be disabled in the module by removing the respective entries from the file app/code/community/Netresearch/OPS/etc/config.xml. The relevant entries are located in the branch <config><default><payment_services><ops><paramLength>

There is a risk that the payment might fail on the Ingenico side. Without the validation, the customer has no way of knowing why the payment was rejected because they will only see the message "Payment failed". The validation gives them a hint to the exact cause so they can try again.

Since module version 15.06.08, the modification described below is included in the module to improve this. If an update is not possible, you can do the following:

Open this file


Search for the following function and change its complete code as described below:


public function getOwnerParams(Mage_Sales_Model_Quote $quote, Mage_Customer_Model_Address_Abstract $billingAddress)
    $ownerParams = array();
    if ($this->getConfig()->canSubmitExtraParameter($quote->getStoreId())) {
        $ownerParams = array(
            'OWNERADDRESS'                  => str_replace("\n", ' ', $billingAddress->getStreet(1)),
            'OWNERTOWN'                     => $billingAddress->getCity(),
            'OWNERZIP'                      => $billingAddress->getPostcode(),
            'OWNERTELNO'                    => $billingAddress->getTelephone(),
            'OWNERCTY'                      => $billingAddress->getCountry(),
            'ECOM_BILLTO_POSTAL_POSTALCODE' => $billingAddress->getPostcode(),
    return $ownerParams;