The error message "Payment failed" appears in the checkout.

First, check all settings in the Ingenico backoffice and in the Magento configuration. Refer to the documentation. Many times, this is just a configuration error somewhere.

If the issue persists, check these points:

  • Look into the Ingenico backoffice, section "Technical Information -> Error Logs". This might immediately reveal the cause.
  • Check the logfile "/var/log/ops.log"  for a detailed error message.
  • Are you using the most recent version of the module? If not, please update it.
  • Is the API-user configured correctly? Refer to the documentation.
  • Is Alias Gateway enabled? Check this in the Ingenico backoffice in "Configuration -> Account -> Your options". Alias Gateway is called "OPC" (One Page Checkout) there.
  • Are the Transaction Feedback URLs in the Ingenico backoffice correct and working? See this article on how to check.
  • Are SHA-IN and SHA-OUT and the hash-algorithm configured correctly? These must be identical in Magento and the Ingenico backoffice.
  • Check the webserver logs (Apache, nginx, etc.) and the Magento logs for errors that occur when the payment is attempted.

Further hints

If the above didn't resolve the problem please check if it caused by one of the following issues: