Cause of problem

The transaction feedback from Ingenico did not reach the shop or wasn't processed correctly.

To resolve this, go through all the points below.

Checklist for Ingenico backoffice


  • Values must be alphanumeric (no special characters or umlauts)
  • Maximum length: 20 characters
  • SHA-IN and SHA-OUT need to be identical everywhere.
  • Copy & paste the SHA-IN and SHA-OUT from the Ingenico backoffice into Magento and click "Save" again!

Transaction feedback URLs

  • Verify the URLs on the tab "Technical information -> Transaction Feedback" (see screenshots below).
  • If there are HTTP redirections for these URLs, enter the final URL. Redirections will not be followed!
  • The URLs are case-sensitive.
  • The shop must be reachable from the internet (not running in an inaccessible network, no blocking firewall).
  • Example configuration and URLs:

Example for postBack URL

Example for directLinkPostBack URL

Additional checks

  • Check the tab "Error logs" in the Ingenico backoffice for error messages.
  • Look into the Postsale Log of the transaction. Search for "ONL PS ERROR ..." This is the HTTP Response Code that was sent by the shop.
  • Check the transaction status in the Ingenico backoffice:
    • If the status is "2 - declined", Ingenico will not send a feedback to the shop until the number of allowed payment attempts has been made.
    • Go to "Tech. information -> Global transaction parameters" and set the number of allowed attempts to "1" to get an immediate feedback.
    • You can also set this to "2" to allow one failure and then one more attempt.

Checklist for Magento server

Webserver configuration

  • Make sure Ingenico's User Agent is not blocked in the server configuration, firewall, Fail2Ban, etc.
  • User-Agent: "Mozilla/3.0 (compatible; Indy Library)". This might be blocked by default on some servers!

Log file "ops.log"

  • Look for two adjacent lines starting with "Hashed String by ...". If the hash values don't match:
    • Check if the SHA configuration is 100% identical at Ingenico and in Magento (same encoding, SHA algorithm, SHA-IN and SHA-OUT identical).
    • Check for non-standard parameters in the incoming feedback in the ops.log. Custom GET-parameters (e.g. added via Magento's index.php) can break the validation process!
  • Check the log file for lines containing "Incoming ...". Those indicate if the feedback reached the shop at all.

Other log files

  • Check the Magento logs "system.log" and "exception.log" for errors occurring when the feedback should come in. Note the timestamps.
  • Also check the log files of the webserver (Apache, Nginx) and general PHP errors.
  • Note: exceptions outside of the Ingenico module can also break the process for the status update.

Testing the transaction feedback URLs

Open the API URLs in a browser. If they are working, you should see:

  • an empty white page in the browser, and
  • the HTTP Response Code 422 in the browser console.

After that test, look if the URLs in the browser address bar have changed.

  • If yes, this indicates a redirection.
  • Enter the changed URLs from the address bar into the Ingenico backoffice, incl. all slashes.
  • Test again with a new payment if the status update works now.

Still not working?

If you tested the URLs and got a 404 page or another result than described above, proceed with this:

  • Do you get a login box (htaccess authentication)? This must be disabled.
  • Does the shop use SSL? If yes, change the URLs to HTTPS accordingly.
  • Are the Magento Store Codes enabled? Then add the default Store Code to the URLs.
  • Try the following changes: 
    • Add "index.php" to the URLs, example:
    • Add a slash "/" at the end of the URLs.
  • Are there any redirections on the webserver that might cause problems? Disable them and test again.
  • Check the access logs of the webserver (Apache, Nginx, etc.). The feedback is sent within 15 minutes after the payment.