• After clicking "Continue" in the payment-step, only the message "Please wait" or "Loading the next step" (or similar) appears.
  • Nothing else seems to happen. The checkout process doesn't move forward.
  • In the browser console this (or a similar) error appears:
    {"error":"value exceeds 35 characters,value exceeds 35 characters","goto_section":"billing","opsError":true, "fields":{"billing:street1":"value exceeds 35 characters","billing-address-select":"Billing address contains invalid data"}}


The length-validation which is performed by the Ingenico module does not work right. If the buyer enters too long data, he doesn't see a warning message. Under normal circumstances, there should be red arrows at the fields that contain too long data.


This problem only affects version 15.11.09 or older. In newer module versions, the validation has been improved.

If an update is not possible, or if the checkout has been modified, you can implement the following solution:

Set the number of allowed characters for each checkout-field directly in the checkout-template (using maxlength="xx"). The max allowed lengths can be found in the file app/code/community/Netresearch/OPS/etc/config.xml in the branch <config><default><payment_services><ops><paramLength>