• The setting "Payment template" in Magento is set to "iFrame mode".
  • When making a 3D Secure payment, the error "Timeout or incorrect request" appears after entering the 3DS code.

The 3D Secure process does not work in an iFrame. A redirect to the payment page is necessary here - but only for entering the 3DS PIN code.

For a clean integration of credit card payments in the checkout, use inline payments (Direct Link), not iFrame mode. The iFrame mode is intended for redirecting payment methods (like iDeal, PayPal, etc.) that do not allow Direct Link.

With Direct Link, it will work like this:
  • If a standard credit card is used (without 3D Secure), the buyer will never leave the shop URL.
  • Only if a 3D Secure credit card is used, a redirect to the 3D secure page for entering the PIN will be made. This is a technical necessity.
  • The other credit card data however can always be entered directly in the checkout.