The order status in Magento goes to "Suspected fraud".

Possible causes

The amount stored in Magento does not exactly match the amount that is sent back from Ingenico.


The capture for the order was triggered, but the full amount was already captured previously (incorrect workflow).


The feedback from Ingenico indicates status 50 (Authorized waiting external result).


The transaction feedback is sent more than once from Ingenico to the shop.


For #1
Check if there are any discounts or surcharges configured in the Ingenico backoffice, and make sure that the parameter AMOUNT is enabled (section "Dynamic Feedback Parameters").

For #2

Check the order comments to see if a capture was attempted while the order amount was already fully captured. Make sure to trigger all transactions (captures, refunds, etc.) from Magento, not in the Ingenico backoffice. Do not use "Capture offline".

If the transaction feedback does not work automatically and you regularly have to use "Refresh payment status", see this checklist to fix that.

For #3

Check if the Fraud Detection at Ingenico triggered status 50.

If you are using Fraud Expert, the options "Submit extra parameters" and "Device fingerprinting" (for the Device ID) must be enabled in Magento.

If an incorrect customer IP address is sent to Ingenico, this could also trigger the Fraud Detection. See this article for a possible solution.

For #4

If the transaction feedback comes in more than once (see screenshot below), it probably means that the Ingenico platform did not receive the correct HTTP Response Code from the shop. Things to consider:
  • Maybe the shop was modified in such a way that an unexpected HTTP Response Code is sent to Ingenico.
  • If an exception occurs in Magento while the transaction feedback comes in, the HTTP Response Code might not be sent to Ingenico, and the platform therefore sends the transaction feedback again.
  • Check the logs of Magento (system.log, exception.log) and PHP for any exceptions that occur when the feedback comes in, and resolve those.

Transaction feedback coming in more than once

(note the timestamps)

Further hints about this problem can be found here: