To add additional bank names to the dropdown menu for iDeal, you can put them into the config.xml of the module.

Example for adding "Bunq" for iDeal

  • Open the file app/code/community/Netresearch/OPS/etc/config.xml
  • Look for the XML branch <config><default><payment><ops_iDeal><issuer>
  • Or just search for the text "ops_iDeal"
  • Add this XML node to the list of banks:
  • The result should look like this:

Example for adding "Bunq"

for iDeal in the config.xml

Please note

If you want to add other banks, make sure to use the correct name for the XML node. It must be the same as the BRAND parameter for the bank (in the above example, this is "BUNQNL2A").