The error message "Payment failed" appears in the checkout.

First steps

There are many possible causes for this error. To get an idea where to look, check these things first:

  • Make sure you are using the latest version of the module.
  • Look into the Ingenico backoffice, section "Technical Information -> Error Logs" if there are any messages.
  • Check the log file "ops.log" for a detailed error message. Search for NCERROR and NCERRORPLUS.

Example error message in ops.log

Depending on the error message you found, proceed with the investigation. Enter the error message (or part of it) into the search function of this Knowledge Base.

Additional things to check

If you are not sure where exactly the problem is located, you can look at these general things:

  • Check the configuration in the Ingenico backoffice and in Magento. Refer to the documentation.
  • Are SHA-IN and SHA-OUT and the hashing-algorithm set correctly? These must be identical in Magento and the Ingenico backoffice.
  • Are you using the most recent version of the module? If not, please update it.
  • Does the transaction feedback (payment status update) work? See this article on how to check.
  • Is the payment method you are using actually enabled and properly configured at Ingenico?
  • Check the server logs (Apache, nginx, PHP) and the Magento logs for errors during the payment attempt.